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lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Hispania Ulterior Canto IX: Epilogue.

Lead thyself far from humanity's dark ills,
Think he cur’d? Who taketh too many pills?
Oh how hard! Life seemeth as if liv'd on trial!
Remaineth clean! Don't sink in that stink and bile!

Think thee curs'd for not having play'd their game?
They made up the rules to keep thee but tame!
Don't you see? That which really shouldst matter?
'Tis squander'd daily! In pursuit of useless tatter!
So endeth here at last, the first part of my song,
Howe'er from these lands my heart hast not yet gone,
Shouldst I to live out here the remainder of my days,
Perhaps, perchance view'd in desolate ways!

Maybe shalt thou see, my will be further bent,
To regale thee more and not repent,
That shouldst thou to me, lend an ear,
Many ano'er amusing history shalt thou hear!

For thy valuable time, I thank thee now,
Spent here recounting I know not how,
And hope seem'd it not a terrible waste,
Now, back to the land of Samsara! Make thee haste!

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