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jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Hispania Ulterior Canto I.

Is not to follow an antiquated poetic device,
Rather alike naught but untold vice?
Musty old books, collecting lice?
Counting not once nor twice but thrice!

Howe'er here be collected thoughts,
Regal'd to you, feel not so distraught!
That if amusement here be sought,
A hardback version need not be bought!

One more thing shouldst I have to say,
Then from dear old Britannia shall I be on my way,
That in jest these words of mine,
Have releas'd me from an untold crime.

That little of Hispanic life be known, 
Naught but cliché, falsely shown,
So I now venture -set the record straight,
To tell of diverse lands, seemeth my fate!

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