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martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Hispania Ulterior Canto V: Cartago Nova.

The border unobserv'd Saguntum didst moan,
To a people still free, not yet subject to the throne,
Thee then from which Hannibal thought,
To lay the land low -terror he brought!
Cartago Nova! Howe'er thee be call'd
Matters not so much as in war ye enthrall'd,
Sent empires clashing, prov'd to rule... Who was fit?
By the sword fell'd many, hard as grit!

There didst the Phoenicians bide their time,
'Till Republican Rome forc'd 'em into line,
On the verge of collapse! So close didst they come!
What other world was then come undone?

Cartago Nova now still remains a port,
Of ample width, from abroad things brought,
A defensive miracle where many a time,
Couldst reprieve those long past their prime!

The first that signal'd the distance, a lighthouse,
Then many an hour upon thee wouldst pounce,
An ambush so sudden not e'en expected,
The lifeblood adrenaline -once more was injected!

Finding fault 'tis such an easy thing to do, 
One goes where one will, matters not me nor you,
Rather follow that far sighted and elusive,
Route through the trees like a rough reclusive.

"When lacking a reason why, 
Didst there doth hear thy cry,
A bitter wail besides,
'Twas enough to make me sigh."

That instead 'twouldst perhaps be better,
To leave none here clad in fetters,
Or didst think he preferable at least, 
We be supposedly more than beasts.

Yet a beast to needs must be,
Though lives naught 'cept insecurity,
A sorry timid sniveling mammal,
Without regularity beneath an anvil!

That all the world wouldst consent to follow, 
A system many a time proven to be hollow,
E'en that which shown better in jest,
Many bitter times like all the rest.

Those that had been before, howe'er,
Thrown out they deserv'd none the better,
Once work'd out to exhaustion,
This rotten ridged feudal abortion!

Ne'er question thee! Broken down!
Back to thy device! Like under a crown!
Out to the streets en mass! Here the sound!
That e'erybody knows! Shouldst smash and pound!
On throughout went he,
To many a place there didst see,
And on those majestic trails,
Dawn'd to realize sorrow's perils.

Set out from one, onward to another,
All locations seem'd alike or akin to brothers,
And in that sorry state didst encourage he,
To set apart his woes that matter'd as little as glee.

The thought thereupon, didst no longer give a damn!
That all meant but little more than a sham!
Democritus had it down, live we in disaster,
When all human conduct produceth naught but laughter!

That appear'd we unto he, a motley little lot,
Following not our passions, rather copied from others got,
That laugh'd himself into a riot, couldst not be forgot,
Humanity's ills absurd, reason matter'd not!

And 'though life 'twas certainly a blessing, 
Close at hand nature's timid undressing,
To think perversely alike as he,
Of man a fine perspective didst see.

"Atoms carefree! Caught!
Little effect they brought,
From Zeno he plageriz'd,
On antiquity's quint paradigms."

'Till many an epoch eventually had past,
Proof that our futile ways shouldst last,
They brought about still evidence more,
In mutual annihilation he long ago saw!

Cataclysm comes -of that be there no doubt!
In the meantime politicians, feel no need to shout!
Delaying tactics aside -bring 'em about!
Final impact felt, former strength reduc'd by rout!

And out of this abyss! What findest we?
A world clad unto meaning? Canst thou not see?
Explain thyself now! 'tis not the time,
To hide in rhyming riddles, feigning the sublime!

Search not about for conclusive answers,
Let ne cold nor heat give cancers,
'Twas thy query that troubles me so,
Indifference doth lead the preoccupied in tow!

And once attain'd that alike unto nature,
Art thou less or more a creature?
Untam'd admitted -in chaos reining,
At one with thyself, deceit from blaming!

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