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martes, 14 de febrero de 2012


Her dark eyes speak of a deep madness
That fulfills itself through burning lust;
Breaking free from a painful sadness,
Their inner nature which desperately must
Unite the elements until reduced to dust
When only true feelings survive this plain;
Love’s essence she carries on her bust
Beyond the trappings of mortal strain,
Idealic beauty leads to passions insane.
Like a playful child of the night
She brings out the best in his being;
Where sweet ecstasy takes soaring flight
Above past woes from them freeing
The love lorn spirit inside awakening
A new dawn with flowering desire;
Full of wanton need and longing,
Those passions set alight, on fire
Taking them, away from the depths, ever higher.
Her breath beguiles an innocent air,
Soft flowing hair in the breeze;
Of love’s fond caresses she takes her share,
Which none but Venus would deem to seize,
Strokes that aim to passionately please
And gently warm the erratic beats
Of a heart thawing from a deep freeze;
Finding fertile ground in loving treats,
Sheer joy brought through amorous feats.
Like a frightful dealer in souls’ delights
She steals the heart of folly’s nerves;
The battle of sexes serenely fights
Its war against unimpassioned births;
Loyal romance she alone serves
The goddess who rewards all open deeds;
Giving what beauty truly deserves,
Day by day delightfully sowing seeds
Of future harmony wherever it leads.

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

The Pleasant Deception.

Listen to the heartbeat of the earth,
To put out the sun at will,
Enjoy the cruelty of your eyes,
To see by the soft gleam of the lightning,
Search the searchlights of night's brain,
Shadows in flight are left to the seas.

Pull them to pieces,
It's all just for show,
You can't go on leave,
No eternally no,
Truth's not for us,
Oh so high,
Merely a failure in the use of the lie.

Acceptance of the deed,
We'll never see our inherent need,
Of a self deceptive and a sickly creed,
We'll never see our inherent greed.

Appearance of the morbid, mindless cheerfulness,
Just modest mitigation of the mind.

viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012


Kon Tiki Viracocha.
Hear we of imminently needed change,
Climactic battle & enduring strife,
World weary citizens of an age
Fed up with such a struggle for life
Precariously balanced on the edge of a knife,
Knowing not from whence come new ways,
Old orders out of touch where civil strife is rife,
Holding back the future of different days,
The people will be kept no more in a dark haze.

The time is always now: when to act
Yet with a sense of urgency, we hope
To bring about the shift, make it fact
Taking no notice of wretched lies spoke
To keep us dependent on a cruel joke,
Preventing potential from being realized,
Another chapter long should have been wrote,
No economic solution can be prized,
At the cost of true humanity, ignored & despised.

See now what days of light
Are brought forth when we think
The limits of the past left to the night,
At the moment we here are on the brink
Of finding our first clear minded sight
Beyond the trappings of wrong or right,
A new age can lift us further still,
Self knowing will take us to that height,
Consciously ascending by force of will,
Possibilities with which our hearts we fill.

Out from the lake come ye hence,
To partake of servile days no more,
Titicaca thy dwelling place immense,
Back to the land of men, come to the fore
Where decadent rulers little know what’s in store
For them and theirs, in these times
The bearded civilizer of ancient folklore
Stands amongst us, his hour chimes,
Setting to right centuries of accepted crimes.

Viracocha, not a god as once told,
Yet a hero of the populace was he
A figure in a tight garment of white & gold,
Who cometh forth to remind us that we could be
More than mere beasts, creatively free,
Seeing as we are not in the end of days,
But before a new direction we agree
That if you set a new path, it pays
To follow that which thy heart inside says.

Residing in the long abandoned remains
Of Tiawanaku’s forfeited greatness,
A land casting a shadow on former pains,
The loss of history left memoryless,
Prompting the inner search upon us to press,
Finding solace in an ancient message
Far from materiality, we now digress
Delving deeper into an unspoken language,
A fractured aeon lost to an archaic past age.

Emerging from the lake with the sun’s rays,
Upon a savage earth, bearing down,
Any such one seemeth to pave new ways
Towards a higher state for the city or town,
And to new ways we’ll gradually come round,
Accepting the wisdom of a new word,
Despite the old order’s spiteful frown,
The gentle teacher’s thoughts are heard,
Knowledge given wings akin to a bird.

The bloody rituals of carnivorous meals,
All grow to despise that which they once ate,
The folly of a primitive group that feels
The need to deny their natural state,
Keeping them fixed on base things not great,
Enlightened beings move far beyond,
The trappings of local ignorance & hate,
The old asked only to react & respond,
Rather than finding that for which all are truly fond.

Venturing forth through Cuzco’s valley,
Viracocha found the fertile ground
Where crude building blocks lay
And so could be reset, turned right around,
Where now Saqsayhuaman’s temple is found
Our testimony to that earliest time,
Before the Inca’s panpipe was ever to sound,
When spirited man still stood in his prime,
From whence came this sorry state of decline?

As the Milky Way’s void aligns itself
With our father the sun on high,
Saturn & Jupiter also bring us health,
Their Andean counterparts also lie
At the heart of new ideals, we’ll try
To bring out the best in our nature,
As the cosmic Pachakuti lights up the sky
On the final solstice of rupture
The overturning of space/time’s sacred architecture.