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miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

The Pleasant Deception.

Listen to the heartbeat of the earth,
To put out the sun at will,
Enjoy the cruelty of your eyes,
To see by the soft gleam of the lightning,
Search the searchlights of night's brain,
Shadows in flight are left to the seas.

Pull them to pieces,
It's all just for show,
You can't go on leave,
No eternally no,
Truth's not for us,
Oh so high,
Merely a failure in the use of the lie.

Acceptance of the deed,
We'll never see our inherent need,
Of a self deceptive and a sickly creed,
We'll never see our inherent greed.

Appearance of the morbid, mindless cheerfulness,
Just modest mitigation of the mind.

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