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martes, 14 de febrero de 2012


Her dark eyes speak of a deep madness
That fulfills itself through burning lust;
Breaking free from a painful sadness,
Their inner nature which desperately must
Unite the elements until reduced to dust
When only true feelings survive this plain;
Love’s essence she carries on her bust
Beyond the trappings of mortal strain,
Idealic beauty leads to passions insane.
Like a playful child of the night
She brings out the best in his being;
Where sweet ecstasy takes soaring flight
Above past woes from them freeing
The love lorn spirit inside awakening
A new dawn with flowering desire;
Full of wanton need and longing,
Those passions set alight, on fire
Taking them, away from the depths, ever higher.
Her breath beguiles an innocent air,
Soft flowing hair in the breeze;
Of love’s fond caresses she takes her share,
Which none but Venus would deem to seize,
Strokes that aim to passionately please
And gently warm the erratic beats
Of a heart thawing from a deep freeze;
Finding fertile ground in loving treats,
Sheer joy brought through amorous feats.
Like a frightful dealer in souls’ delights
She steals the heart of folly’s nerves;
The battle of sexes serenely fights
Its war against unimpassioned births;
Loyal romance she alone serves
The goddess who rewards all open deeds;
Giving what beauty truly deserves,
Day by day delightfully sowing seeds
Of future harmony wherever it leads.

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