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miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

Caesar's Messiah

Caesar’s Messiah is a book by Joseph Atwell about the probable origins of the character of Jesus and the real significance of the Christian religion. When such new theories come out they are usually described as being fanciful or outrageous yet they are usually just trying to understand in the most straight forward and down to earth way possible what it was that really took place in those times. It’s a sign of the state of permitted enquiry that the truly fantastical notion that Jesus was the son of God is accepted as a normal conclusion yet any attempt to understand what happened realistically is considered to be far out! What follows here is a brief overview of some of the most interesting points... 
Mary is a Hebrew word for rebel. In the time of the New Testament Judaea was occupied by the Romans. Like the Americans looking for Charlie in Vietnam, it was used as a code name for all Jewish women. This explains why all the women in the New Testament are all called Mary. As far as the Romans are concerned they're all just rebels!
The Romans destroyed all Jewish literature. The only account we had of the time was the New Testament, itself written in Greek not Hebrew, until the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. The church tried to prevent their translation/ publication for good reason. They show what was really going on in Judaea at the time of Jesus' life. The Jews believed in a militaristic messiah who would defeat the Romans. The exact opposite of Jesus, whose pacifism amounts to being pro roman in the context of the times. Jesus' message to them is to just shut up and pay their taxes!  
Titus fulfils Jesus' prophecies. Vespasian (the guy who built the Colosseum) was emperor at the time of the occupation. His son Titus (the son of god no less!) was in charge of the Jewish war. He's famous for having destroyed the temple. In the New Testament Jesus' speaks in the third person of the coming of "the son of man" which refers to Titus not himself. Jesus tells his disciples that the temple's destruction would come to pass in a generation. Jesus said this just before he was crucified in 33. The Jewish conception of a generation was 40 years. Titus destroyed the temple at the end of the war in 73. A little too exact to be a coincidence? The Christians have always used this as evidence of Jesus' divinity, that he really saw the future. Of course we known that the New Testament was written later than the war in Judaea, so probably it was written to justify such a barbaric act. ("Jesus told me to do it!")
There is no written record of Jesus' existence except one mention by Josephus, which Atheists have always said is a fake. However in this context it finally makes sense. Josephus was a Jewish rebel during the war, but was captured and quickly switched sides. He worked for Titus and became the official historian of the war producing its only surviving account. He was adopted by Vespasian and became known as Josephus Flavius. It's deeply suspicious that the only guy to ever have mentioned Jesus was directly related to the Roman imperial family. So if his Jewish war is roman propaganda, what else?
There's plenty more which I'll let you discover for yourself. Of course if you've got better things to do with your time than worry about the existence of bearded ginger prophets there's always youtube..
Interesting? The full documentary can be seen here:  

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