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domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014


"Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon?"

- King James Bible, St. Mark, 6.3

The word used in the original Greek gospels for Jesus' profession is 'tekton' and has usually been translated as meaning carpenter or woodcutter. However if we ignore the translations and go by the original Greek this is what we get:

Τεκτων s.m. mason; Freemason. ~ονισμος s.m. freemasonry.

Freemason s. Τεχτονας . Μασονος m. 
Freemasonry s. Τεκτονισμός 

Carpenter s. μαραυχος μ. ~ry s. ξυλουρυιχη f.
Woodcutter s. ξυλοχοπος 
Stonemason s. Λιθοξοος

It seems that the term Freemason came from the idea of Jesus having been or belonging to an order of masons. 

We know that the Qumran community of Essenes to whom Jesus is supposed to have belonged had plans to rebuild Jerusalem after ending the Roman occupation of Judea. A plan which of course never came about and has lead to the utopian idea of "the new Jerusalem". Yet these plans seem to have been very similar in design to what eventually came about with the sudden building of the Gothic cathedrals of France in the 12th century, just at the time when the Knights Templar had supposedly rediscovered the Essenes scrolls buried under Herod's Temple.

On a purely symbolic level, regardless of whether we believe that there ever was a historical Jesus, things couldn't be clearer. The mythical Jesus represents god as some kind of architect of the universe, which is precisely how the deists came to understand him during the enlightenment period. Whatever we choose to make of the coincidence that modern freemasonry takes its name from Jesus' profession, it should be obvious why they understood the letter G of god as meaning geometry. The book of Enoch also shows us precisely what it was that the gods were getting up to. When Enoch is taken to the island home of the gods he asks what they are doing and the response he gets is unequivocal: they are measuring. Measuring the earth that is and engaging in some kind of antediluvian survey project. 

Ancient religions in this sense are absolutely correct in what they tell us about god bringing our world into being as the sun did in fact create the earth, albeit through the slow process of accretion. Our modern terms for parts of the earth such as tectonic plates also come from the Greek word tekton, so we should not be at all surprised. Jesus as a stonemason then could be understood as the solar deity forming the very earth itself. In hindsight there is no more appropriate job for Jesus to have had.

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