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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016


Roman Festival, Badalona 2016

The city of Baetulo was founded by the Romans during the first decades of the 1st century BCE and lasted until the late 6th century CE. Set on a hill, it was one of the first settlements of the Hispania Tarraconensis.

Badalona Museum: Roman Baths & Decumanus.

Underneath the museum there are 3,400m2 of Roman ruins, an exceptional display not only for its size, but also for te spectacular character of some of the pieces and their innovative presentation. It includes the original Roman baths and main streets near the Forum during its halcyon days, when the empire was under the rule of Augustus (27BCE - 14CE).

 House of the Dolphins: This is a Domus, or well-to-do household of the late 1st century CE set in the high part of Baetulo. It is a clear example of domestic architecture in Roman times, and the only house with these characteristics that has been made into a museum in Catalonia. Most noteworthy are the mosaics, of the highest quality and the remains of the original murals.

Quint Licini's Garden: Theseare the remains of a pond or pool in the garden of a house in Baetulo built towards the end of the first century CE which in all likelihood belonged to the patrician Quint Licini. It showcases unique pieces, such as the marble oscillum.

 Roman Museum, Premia del Mar

Mare nostrum: Beach shot from Premia del Mar with Montjuic (Jupiter's Mountain) and Barcelona visible in the distance.

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