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miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

Santa Maria d’Àneu

Elsewhere, more eyes proliferate. They reach a sort of optical mania in the figures of seraphim below the (now obliterated) Virgin and Child in the twelfth-century apse fresco from Santa Maria d’Aneu. Seraphim (one of the higher orders of angel) had six wings, and the Apocalypse of Saint John mentions eyes on those wings. So the painter, faithful to the text, endowed his seraphim with about three dozen eyes each - thirty on the wings, two on the head, and two more, for good measure, displayed on the palms of their hands.

Robert Hughes.

SCS, SCS, SCS: Thrice Sanctus.

Yahweh’s chariot’s wheels of fire from Ezequiel’s vision.

Six-winged seraphim feeding hot coals to crouching supplicants.

Saint Benedict or a local deacon

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