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sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Hispania Citerior Canto XI: Epilogue.

Perhaps 'twould’ve been better kept to a dialogue smooth,
'Lest my public flee all terribly confus'd!
Yet first attempts be but trial, ye soon I'll amuse,
Of other countries too, whose comforts I abus'd!

Onward I go with my modest Canción,
Yet it seemeth to me rather a bit too long!
Fret thee not for 'tis fast approaching its end,
Of Hispania I'll tell no more, for words twist and bend!

Worry ye not these words of mine,
But look elsewhere onto aught more sublime,
And if it caus'd thee naught but pain,
'Twas but in earnest we jok’d of gain!

Here hope I 'twas an interesting yawn,
That tested not thy patience -thinly drawn!
And if the subject herein tackl'd,
Picketh thy taste or loosen aught shackl’d...

Then seek me out in these distant climes,
Be they not that far 'cept in metaphors mine,
And hold me not too harshly to account,
For odd irregularities which herein dost flout!

¡Dioses mios! Seemeth here written a ton!
A long epic didst I not intend to hath spun!
Canst thou not end what 'twas once begun?
Or leave it unfinish'd! Horribly shunn'd!

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