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lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Hispania Citerior Canto III: Valentia.

The wayward path leads on into the south,
Blistering days did aught but quench the mouth,
Taken up thy roaming route yet agen,
To distant towns and valleys far from fame.

Arriv'd thou didst where Valentia grac'd,
And fire burnt slowly -ne'er in haste,
When figures of sizable repute carefully built,
All in a day reduc'd to ashes and spilt!

Las Fallas' flames were quickly fan'd,
E'er upwards those fumes fit the demand!
For riotous mayhem prancing all about town,
Not 'till day's dawn couldst thee rest thy head down!

The revelers frolick'd on into the twilight,
Set to query naught, each moment a highlight,
An unpredictable pace of song and dance,
Whence e'erything seem'd not destin'd but chance!

And when finally at last, from moonlight departed,
A weary state into sleep thee then darted,
A place of shelters, couldst thee find not,
Rather below The Palace of Science, accept now thy lot!

Across those waters appear'd unto he,
A shadow so luminous, in a daze he saw thee,
That sparkl'd before him in the new found light,
We worry for reason lest ye fall far from sight!

A guardian thou then seemest to he,
Howe'er protecting from ignorance, the extremity,
The Palace of Science rose like a vision,
But thy entrance 'twas barr'd! As if but a prison!

Moving further afield! Awaken thee! Now!
Rejuvenated senses impel thee how!
An exctatic eruption his soul didst let out!
Wandering ways! High spirits! Once agen let shout!

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